Press Release – Cloud-Based Real Time Accounts Can Save Your Business

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12th January 2017
Goddards Accountants Prove That Cloud-Based Real Time Accounts Can Save Your Business

In a recent interview with Goddards Accountants, Shane Lukas, from AVN – an association of forward-thinking accountants, discovered how Derek Williamson from Goddards Accountants could help to save businesses through his real time accounts strategy and planning for the future.
Goddards accountants are advocates of cloud-based software solutions that help to give businesses a better control over their accounts as well as helping accountants to work in the present and plan for the future. By having access to real-time accounts, Derek Williamson was able to help one client from an imminent cash flow crisis, by discussing the client’s current state of accounts with the client’s bank manager. This discussion and use of forward-planning by Derek Williamson meant that the bank manager was able to provide a much-needed overdraft.
The overdraft that Derek Williamson was able to secure for his client would not have been made possible without having a forward-thing approach to accounts and the use of cloud-based software that allows instant sharing of data and interaction. The bank manager even admitted that had the client come to him just six weeks later; he would have refused his overdraft request.
Goddards Accountants are AVN accountants, which means they are expected to go the extra mile for their customers. Derek Williamson believes his business does this by asking insightful questions to help their clients prepare and plan well for the future. Goddard Accountants are proactive in their approach and utilise the latest software so that they can deliver a better service for their clients. In fact, their forward-thinking and future planning approach has led to Goddard’s Accountants being specially selected to feature in The Business Owner’s Guide to the UK’s Best Accountancy Practices. This book showcases the best accountancy practices that help businesses to become successful and more enjoyable to run.
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Goddards Accountants work with clients in “Real Time” in order to assist clients in maximising their profits.
The Business Owner’s Guide to the UK’s Best Accountancy Practices
Publisher: Added Value Solutions
Publication Date: 30/09/2016
ISBN-13: 9780955100772
For further information contact: Derek Williamson;, phone 020 8941 2187

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