Investigations by HM Revenue and Customs into your personal or business affairs can be worrying, stressful and financially painful. If this is happening, you need experienced professional help on your side as soon as possible.

We can help you now – whether you have just received the first threatening letter or if you have been struggling to deal with the Revenue yourself. If you have an accountant, we can take over all aspects of the enquiry and work alongside or behind the scenes without disturbing your working relationships.

We deal with everything on a completely confidential basis, without making any judgements about what you have done or not done.

There are different types of investigation. Some are simple and resolved with the local Tax Office. Others are conducted by compliance or Ex Patriot units or Specialist Civil Investigation or Fraud Offices.

If not handled expertly and professionally, they are sure to cause you a headache and a large hole in your pocket.

While a few investigations start as random audits, the majority are prompted by entries on your Personal Tax Return or Company Tax Return. If you get caught up in a Tax Investigation, call us immediately for advice on what you should say and do.

HM Revenue and Customs

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